How to Apply for MPRE Test Accommodations

IMPORTANT: Candidates must apply for accommodations and receive their determination prior to registering and scheduling a test appointment. Accommodations CANNOT be added to an existing test appointment. A detailed explanation of the application process is provided below; please read it carefully. Applications should be submitted well in advance of the desired MPRE test administration, and no later than the Recommended Submission Date for that administration. Recommended Submission Dates can be found at Important Dates for MPRE Test Accommodations.

NCBE Account

NCBE is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to candidates with documented disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. NCBE will make reasonable modifications to testing procedures that might otherwise prevent individuals with disabilities from taking the MPRE in an accessible place and manner, provided such modifications do not result in a fundamental alteration to the examination, impose an undue burden, or jeopardize examination security.

The MPRE is administered on computers provided by Pearson VUE at its testing centers. You must request test accommodations if you have an impairment that necessitates any deviation from the standard test administration (such as extended testing time). Review MPRE Test Day Policies for a description of test administration policies and a list of what you may and may not bring to the testing center.

You are also encouraged to review the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List. Medical aids, medications, and devices included on this list do not require preapproval from NCBE and will be allowed into the testing room after visual inspection by testing center staff.

STEP A – Create an NCBE Account

You must create an NCBE Account before you can request test accommodations, register, or schedule a test appointment for the MPRE.

You can use the NCBE Account Lookup tool to determine whether you already have an NCBE Account. To create a new account, select NCBE Account at the top of this page and then select Create an Account. Do not create a new account if you already have one. 

STEP B – Prepare and Submit Your Request for MPRE Test Accommodations

You must request MPRE test accommodations using the MPRE test accommodations application in your NCBE Account and receive your determination before you complete the NCBE portion of the MPRE registration process or schedule your test appointment. For detailed information regarding preparation and submission of your request, see How to Prepare Your Request for MPRE Test Accommodations. If you have any questions about submitting a request, please contact MPRE Test Accommodation Services at

We recommend that your request be submitted as far in advance of your desired test administration as possible, and no later than the Recommended Submission Date for that administration. See Important Dates for MPRE Test Accommodations for more information.

The test fee does not need to be paid until you schedule your appointment to test.

STEP C – Receive Notification of Our Decision

Complete requests are reviewed in the order received and it typically takes NCBE at least 25 business days to review a request. All correspondence from NCBE regarding your accommodations request will be sent to your NCBE Account File Cabinet. You will receive an email notification whenever new information is available, so please ensure that the primary email address listed in your NCBE Account remains current. If your request is granted in whole or in part, NCBE will post an Accommodations Confirmation and determination letter to your File Cabinet listing the approved accommodations and expiration date (Period of Eligibility). If your request is not granted, a letter will be posted to your NCBE Account File Cabinet. If you do not agree with NCBE’s decision, you may either (1) appeal or (2) request reconsideration. See MPRE Test Accommodations Decisions for detailed information about the decision process, as well as information about submitting an appeal or a request for reconsideration.

STEP D – Complete the NCBE Portion of the MPRE Registration Process in Your NCBE Account

After you receive our decision, you are ready to register for the MPRE unless you plan to appeal or request reconsideration.

To complete the NCBE portion of the registration process, go to your NCBE Account, select MPRE Registration, and follow the instructions provided.

If you plan to appeal or request reconsideration of our accommodations decision, DO NOT register and schedule a test appointment. For more information on how to appeal or request reconsideration of our decision, see MPRE Test Accommodations Decisions. If you register and schedule an appointment to test prior to receiving a decision on your appeal or request for reconsideration, you may need to cancel your test appointment and schedule a new appointment; new or additional accommodations CANNOT be added to an existing test appointment.

Requests, including forms and documentation, received by NCBE after the registration deadline for a specific MPRE administration will not be considered for that administration of the exam.

For questions regarding MPRE registration and scheduling, please refer to MPRE Registration.

STEP E – Receive an Authorization to Test Email from Pearson VUE

Within 24 hours after completing the NCBE portion of your MPRE registration, you will receive an Authorization to Test email from Pearson VUE. The email will be sent from Please check your Authorization to Test email to ensure that your approved accommodations are listed completely and correctly. 

If 24 hours have passed and you have NOT received an Authorization to Test email, check your spam or junk email folder. If you still cannot find your Authorization to Test email, contact MPRE Registration at

STEP F – Schedule an Appointment to Test at a Pearson VUE Testing Center

Follow the instructions in the Authorization to Test email to select a testing center, schedule an appointment to test, and pay the test fee. (You may need to create a Pearson VUE account.) Do not schedule an appointment until you have received an Authorization to Test email with any approved accommodations listed completely and correctly.

Within 48 hours of scheduling your appointment and submitting your payment, you will receive a Confirmation of Your Scheduled Exam email from Pearson VUE.

We encourage you to schedule your test appointment as soon as you can after receiving your accommodations decision. While the registration deadline is several weeks prior to the test administration, some test accommodations may take longer for the Pearson VUE testing center to arrange. If you wait until the last minute to schedule your appointment, you run the risk of not being able to test on your preferred test date, at your preferred location, and/or at your preferred test time. Please see Important Dates for MPRE Test Accommodations for more information.

As stated in Step D above, if you plan to appeal or request reconsideration of our accommodations decision, do not schedule your test appointment until after you submit your appeal or request for reconsideration within your NCBE Account and receive a decision. 

If you have questions regarding MPRE registration or scheduling, please refer to MPRE Registration.

Period of Eligibility

Accommodations are approved with a period of eligibility. For example, requests for accommodations based on unchanging conditions may be approved for a period of eligibility of up to 24 months. The expiration date will depend upon the nature of your impairment(s) and will be listed on your Accommodations Confirmation. 

Once you have been approved for accommodations, you do not need to reapply again within your eligibility period. If you wish to take the MPRE again within your period of eligibility (i.e., your accommodations will not expire on or before your intended test day), you may proceed directly to your NCBE Account, complete registration for the next examination, and schedule an appointment with Pearson VUE. Please keep in mind that Pearson VUE may need time to arrange for your accommodations. Please refer to Important Dates for more information.

If you were approved for accommodations with a period of eligibility that has NOT expired, you may request an extension of the previously approved accommodations. For information on how to apply for an extension, see MPRE Test Accommodations Extensions. If your Accommodations Confirmation does not list an expiration date for each approved accommodation, or is no longer posted to your NCBE Account File Cabinet, please contact MPRE Test Accommodation Services at